Twist to the Sasha Rodoy-Sheraz Daya Story

It is no secret that Sasha Rodoy has been targeting a specific clinic in the UK, Accuvision, that is run by a group of Asians. What has now come to light is that she is actually funded by its key competitor, Dr Sheraz Daya, and the evidence of which will be posted here in a few days.




I wrote to him for his candid reply to which I received a legal notice threatening me, Excerpts are attached below:

Subject: Claim against Accuvision [KEN-Legal.FID439****]

Sharon Laker <**********> wrote:

Dear Sumeet Verma

We are instructed on behalf of Mr Sheraz Daya under a reservation of rights. We are in receipt of a copy of your email of 04.07.22 and are instructed to respond on Mr Daya’s behalf.

What can be stated is that Mr Daya has never ‘coached’ any patient to go to Accuvision claiming a loss of vision nor instructed them to decline examination but to insist on seeing an ophthalmologist rather than an optometrist.

There is no ‘issue’ or ‘dispute’ with Accuvision or Mr Daryus Panthakey.

Mr Daya does know Sasha Rodoy through her work as a patient advocate .  Ms Rodoy has in the past referred patients to Mr Daya who required second opinions.

Some of the statements in your correspondence could have the effect of lowering the reputation of those involved. Your threat to publish such an article(s) is seriously troubling.

Please therefore confirm in writing that you will cease and desist from further communications of this nature and will not publish any articles or materials on this basis.



Sharon Laker
Associate (FCILEx)
for Kennedys


My reply:

Dear Ms.Laker
I am not affected by your threats. If I were to get scared by people like yourself, then I could not practice my profession. Media and press are the eyes and ears of the people and it is paramount that we report the truth and nothing but the truth.
Coming to your client, Mr. Sheraz Daya, we have been investigating this further. It has come to our knowledge that at least one of the patients admitted to the court, that he was specifically coached by Mr Sheraz Daya to go to Accuvision and claim to have lost his vision but not to let his eyes get checked. This was hence a planned conspiracy to discredit a clinic that was a competitor. The statement of the patient is recorded and of course, will be published in the news shortly.
We also note his special relationship with Ms. Sasha Rodoy who despite being an anti-LASIK campaigner has been close to Mr.Sheraz Daya and getting him patients (as per your own admission). Ms Rodoy has in the past referred patients to Mr Daya who required second opinions. 
The case is a classic example of how Dr. Daya is manipulating campaigns against his key competitors. It is quite an obvious fact that Ms. Rodoy is acting on behalf of your client and doing vexatious things from maligning his competitors. You have admitted that there is a commercial relationship between Ms. Rodoy and Dr Daya and we will soon be exposing it.
I would appreciate it if you could give a reply at the earliest possible to clarify this as we will be doing a special edition on Sheraz Daya and his nexus to spread false news and manipulate the market.
Kind regards
Sumeet Verma
Senior reporter
Press Trust of India
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