World’s Youngest Eye surgeon at 8 years of age. Dr Prashant Jindal’s son breaks record

Medscape has reported that an eight-year-old boy, who is the son of a leading eye surgeon in UK, Dr Prashant Jindal, has become the youngest eye surgeon in the world. As per the report in Medscape, Dr.Jindal allowed his son in 2016 of doing his surgery, whilst he was away in Spain. Dr.Jindal’s son was 8 years old then. This is a new world record, reported by Medscape.


The patient, a boxer, Greg Brady, claims he was approached by the BBC journalist, Nicola Dowling, telling him this and that they would get the case filed in the GMC. He also claimed to be blind and posted some fake photos but real photos were dug out of him flaunting his vision and body and driving cars post-surgery.



Greg Brady faked injuries wearing wet Kitchen towel to say his blind until image surfaced unearthed his images of driving cars.

It also says that Dr.Jindal also allowed his assistant in 2011 to perform surgery on another patient, who was brought to the GMC by the same BBC journalist. This patient, Mr.Sandy Miller, is a leading skiing expert with perfect vision and teaching skiing to high end clients who Medscape claims was operated by Dr.Jindal’s unqualified assistant, whose age is not confirmed. It also states that Dr.Jindal was in Spain at the same time.




During the hearing, the GMC barrister pressed that Dr.Jindal was not present in surgery but his son and/or his assistant’s son did the surgery. No evidence was provided for such interesting allegations except for patient saying he is sure and then changed his statement. Initially claiming that he never met Dr.Jindal later said, he met him and they did sign the forms together but that because he did not hear the voice. The exact same case was tried against a local doctor, Brett H by the same reporter but dismissed by the GMC. However, when filed against Jindal P, it was instantly taken to a hearing.


Not finishing there, the panel members were threatened by the litigants, led by BBC Journalist, Nicola Dowling, to rule against Dr.Jindal . The GMC has admitted that the panel were approached by the BBC’s Nicola Dowling.


The hearing was wrapped up in under 3 days but the judgment not done in 7 further days and then postpone to September 2022. The Twitter is in splits with the case.


Stay tuned for more.


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  1. Tim James Smith
    Tim James Smith says:

    Good story, yeah right an 8-year-old surgeon!
    We usually have decent indian and pakistanee doctors treat us in nhs or private. They know their stuff.

    We need to keep out bad doctors, but we shouldn’t let people lie in court. And shouldn’t allow fake cases with no proper evidence to reach court. How much money was spent on this? Racism has got an expensive legal fee.

    How many times has it happened before? And why would the BBC employ racist reporters like that? What’s happened just didn’t add up in the GMc. Bad reporting.

    They should face serious legal punishments for lying in court, and we can’t let this happen again.


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