In a journey to know about latest developments in technology and to know about young entrepreneurs, I came across most tenacious GenZ founder and CEO of ‘Coinbooks’mr Arnav Bathla

Mr Arnav Bathla played a critical role  in developing infrastructure to automate crypto- accounting invoicing and payrolls for big enterprises dealing with digital assets.

Mr Arnav built the most extensive crypto accounting software for the companies which simplify digital asset accounting process with advanced integrations and customizable features.

More and more companies are choosing‘Coinbooks’ as go to platform to manage all their crypto accounting, crypto payroll and crypto invoicing needs.

Through Mr Arnav’s innovative idea of extensive crypto accounting software, companies with billions of transactions are being benefiting for supporting high volumes and time saved is 1-40 hrs/week (based on transaction volume)

These days Mr Arnav’s company Coinbooks is a leading financial infrastructure for crypto that is being used by many leading customers like Layer3, ThirdWeb, Pointer,Xero,Quickbooks, Sage,FreeAgent, clearbooks Media Center,myob to name few

Mr Arnav’s extraordinary ability of problem solving,technical talent, vision and most importantly his grit lead to this remarkable journey of entrepreneurship.

Mr Arnav is an individual of extraordinary ability who after building best crypto accounting software at age 21, successfully raised $3.2 million within span of 3 months with support from world class investors like Lattice Capital, Founders, Inc. Multicoin Capital and Polygon’s very own founders. Arnav’s company, Coinbooks was also accepted into Silicon Valley’s Y-Combinator program and participated in summer 2022 batch and funded by Y-Combinator.

Remarkable journey of Mr Arnav’s software creation n establishing ‘Coinbooks’ is of phenomenal value to save valuable asset ‘time’.

While already successful, he is continuing to add significant value to the product and is providing high level of service and professionalism to all the prestigious enterprises.

Factors such as resilience and energy are his timeless traits.





Finally, the BBC woke up to the article that I wrote and complained against Operose to the CCG, the local MP. The right twist also wrote to the Health Secretary, Sajid Javid on the 21st of September 2021 with full evidence about Operose Ophthalmology services in Worcester. We were not replied to despite numerous reminders to him. TRT also complained to the GMC against their CMO, Mr.Nick Harding, but as he is a local doctor with influence, the GMC is not bothered.

Operose continues to mistreat patients. I had provided full information about the ophthalmology patients of Operose, which had been hugely compromised and even resulted in the death we still did not trigger any buttons of the CCG or Health secretary. The BBC’s undercover reporter has done a fantastic job in exposing just one of the things that Operose has been doing. I mention again some of the salient things that all Operose has been doing in Ophthalmology, in Worcester, and at all places where the top technology services exist.

Some specific regular malpractices alleged against the company include:

1. Having doctors on self-employed or worker contracts rather than employees and hence denying them any whistle blowing, grievance or complaint procedure rights.

2. Forcing the doctors and dictating them to abide by their own guidelines rather than the national guidelines so as to save costs and even overruling doctors’ decisions.

3. Most of these doctors employed are of Asian origin whereas the senior doctors in the bureaucracy are of the local origin and are telling the junior doctors what to do even if against the clinical norms.

4. Hiring of unqualified, unskilled, and cheap technicians for the technician jobs. Many of them with no prior experience and even recent school pass-outs are taken. Some of them or even ex-postmen who are just hired for saving costs. Most of these people are given zero-hour contracts.

5. Poor triage services, even serious conditions managed by unqualified people.

6. Referral to the hospital when done by the doctors even for serious conditions like suspected cancer is canceled.

7. Any doctor whistleblowing is severely victimized and/or sacked.

8. Doctors regularly threatened not to raise their voices against decisions that are made by the senior managers even if they compromise patient care.

9. Patient tests are repeatedly not done at the right time and in many cases, not done for years to save costs.

10. Unskilled clinical leads with no expertise in the particular specialty.

Being from abroad, Asian doctors find it tough to raise voices.  Voices that were genuinely acting in the patient’s interests has been successfully suppressed and despite evidence provided to the CCG, CQC and the health secretary, this was allowed to carry on. No protection is given to doctors, from the NHS or the government system in respect of the doctor’s sincere efforts to expose the malpractices, which involved the care of thousands of patients. This is despite repeated reminders to the local health authority Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) the local MP, the health secretary, and the CEO of the local trust, Worcester.

We contacted the CCG, Worcester, and instead of replying to the specific allegations, sent the following reply, ‘The CCG has contracted Operose to deliver ophthalmology services for patients in Worcester. As with any provider contract, the CCG undertakes regular quality and performance audits to ensure high-quality care for patients and value for the taxpayer.”

Has the CCG wishy washed it?

Operose health apparently enjoys excellent relations with the UK government, with their last CEO promoted to be the adviser to the PM.



Around 1,000 doctors have written to the Professional Standards Authority in anger at the “gravely concerning” decision to suspend a GP over her request for a laptop, suggesting it is an example of the unfair treatment of medical professionals from minority ethnic backgrounds.

Dr Manjula Arora, an overseas-trained doctor from India who has 30 years exemplary service, was referred to the General Medical Council (GMC) by Mastercall Healthcare, a Stockport-based social enterprise organisation providing a range of “out of hospital” healthcare services across the North West of England, following the incident in December 2019.

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An employment tribunal has ruled for the first time that the General Medical Council discriminated against a doctor on the grounds of race.

Omer Karim, a mixed race consultant urologist who was referred to the GMC by his employers, was treated differently from a white doctor who was also under investigation, the Reading employment tribunal held, and there was no credible explanation for the difference in treatment. The way the GMC dealt with some of the allegations suggested that the regulator was “looking for material to support allegations . . . rather than fairly assessing matters presented,” the tribunal noted.

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