It is no secret that Sasha Rodoy has been targeting a specific clinic in the UK, Accuvision, that is run by a group of Asians. What has now come to light is that she is actually funded by its key competitor, Dr Sheraz Daya, and the evidence of which will be posted here in a few days.




I wrote to him for his candid reply to which I received a legal notice threatening me, Excerpts are attached below:

Subject: Claim against Accuvision [KEN-Legal.FID439****]

Sharon Laker <**********> wrote:

Dear Sumeet Verma

We are instructed on behalf of Mr Sheraz Daya under a reservation of rights. We are in receipt of a copy of your email of 04.07.22 and are instructed to respond on Mr Daya’s behalf.

What can be stated is that Mr Daya has never ‘coached’ any patient to go to Accuvision claiming a loss of vision nor instructed them to decline examination but to insist on seeing an ophthalmologist rather than an optometrist.

There is no ‘issue’ or ‘dispute’ with Accuvision or Mr Daryus Panthakey.

Mr Daya does know Sasha Rodoy through her work as a patient advocate .  Ms Rodoy has in the past referred patients to Mr Daya who required second opinions.

Some of the statements in your correspondence could have the effect of lowering the reputation of those involved. Your threat to publish such an article(s) is seriously troubling.

Please therefore confirm in writing that you will cease and desist from further communications of this nature and will not publish any articles or materials on this basis.



Sharon Laker
Associate (FCILEx)
for Kennedys


My reply:

Dear Ms.Laker
I am not affected by your threats. If I were to get scared by people like yourself, then I could not practice my profession. Media and press are the eyes and ears of the people and it is paramount that we report the truth and nothing but the truth.
Coming to your client, Mr. Sheraz Daya, we have been investigating this further. It has come to our knowledge that at least one of the patients admitted to the court, that he was specifically coached by Mr Sheraz Daya to go to Accuvision and claim to have lost his vision but not to let his eyes get checked. This was hence a planned conspiracy to discredit a clinic that was a competitor. The statement of the patient is recorded and of course, will be published in the news shortly.
We also note his special relationship with Ms. Sasha Rodoy who despite being an anti-LASIK campaigner has been close to Mr.Sheraz Daya and getting him patients (as per your own admission). Ms Rodoy has in the past referred patients to Mr Daya who required second opinions. 
The case is a classic example of how Dr. Daya is manipulating campaigns against his key competitors. It is quite an obvious fact that Ms. Rodoy is acting on behalf of your client and doing vexatious things from maligning his competitors. You have admitted that there is a commercial relationship between Ms. Rodoy and Dr Daya and we will soon be exposing it.
I would appreciate it if you could give a reply at the earliest possible to clarify this as we will be doing a special edition on Sheraz Daya and his nexus to spread false news and manipulate the market.
Kind regards
Sumeet Verma
Senior reporter
Press Trust of India

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17th September 2022: Manchester, UK


GMC’s appointed panel today was dismissed, admitting that they had been threatened to pursue the case and to implicate Dr Prashant Jindal. They admitted that they were under threat and hence were also biased sun-consciously. This was a historic admission that has never been done in the GMC in the past, and happened due to pressure from Dr.Jindals legal team, which now stands vindicated. They had asserted from the start, that the whole case was a fraud and the panel was GMC was biased to even bring this to the hearing, due to pressure of BBC. The entire case was brought to the tribunal by a reporter from the BBC, Ms. Nicola Dowling, admitted in writing.


This opens a full Pandora’s box of what happens behind the scenes in the GMC. It has been long alleged that the GMC machinery is hugely biased against Asian and African doctors and is used as a conduit to settle personal scores, which was more than evident in this case.


She brought fake patients and evidence that was admitted by GMC due to her connections, memos, and evidence of which shared in previous posts. Seeing that she was losing the case, and was unable to prove the charges, and on the third day of the hearing realizing that her fake patients were exposed, her team approached the Panel/Jury members in their hotels threatening them with dire consequences on social media bullying if they exonerated Dr Prashant Jindal. 


The jury did not admit this in full and to the bias, and instead of recusing, shamelessly, postponed the hearing by three months,  putting everybody in limbo. It took them another three months to finally arrive and have the guts to admit that the entire case was based on coerced witnesses, threats to the Jury and numerous manipulation to the FTP panel done, all executed by BBC reporter, Ms.Nicola Dowling and her team, known for extortions. Many people have published articles about them. One of the articles can be read here.


The CEO of BBC was contacted (letter shared in the last post), and a senior manager has replied on his behalf, that they find nothing wrong in Ms. Nicola Dowling‘s actions and fully support her in every way. 


Over £250k has already been spent on the case by the legal bills plus the GMC’s time, losses of the doctors, public time, and many more. The GMC & the BBC have a lot to answer.

Keep tuned for further updates 

Medscape has reported that an eight-year-old boy, who is the son of a leading eye surgeon in UK, Dr Prashant Jindal, has become the youngest eye surgeon in the world. As per the report in Medscape, Dr.Jindal allowed his son in 2016 of doing his surgery, whilst he was away in Spain. Dr.Jindal’s son was 8 years old then. This is a new world record, reported by Medscape.


The patient, a boxer, Greg Brady, claims he was approached by the BBC journalist, Nicola Dowling, telling him this and that they would get the case filed in the GMC. He also claimed to be blind and posted some fake photos but real photos were dug out of him flaunting his vision and body and driving cars post-surgery.



Greg Brady faked injuries wearing wet Kitchen towel to say his blind until image surfaced unearthed his images of driving cars.

It also says that Dr.Jindal also allowed his assistant in 2011 to perform surgery on another patient, who was brought to the GMC by the same BBC journalist. This patient, Mr.Sandy Miller, is a leading skiing expert with perfect vision and teaching skiing to high end clients who Medscape claims was operated by Dr.Jindal’s unqualified assistant, whose age is not confirmed. It also states that Dr.Jindal was in Spain at the same time.




During the hearing, the GMC barrister pressed that Dr.Jindal was not present in surgery but his son and/or his assistant’s son did the surgery. No evidence was provided for such interesting allegations except for patient saying he is sure and then changed his statement. Initially claiming that he never met Dr.Jindal later said, he met him and they did sign the forms together but that because he did not hear the voice. The exact same case was tried against a local doctor, Brett H by the same reporter but dismissed by the GMC. However, when filed against Jindal P, it was instantly taken to a hearing.


Not finishing there, the panel members were threatened by the litigants, led by BBC Journalist, Nicola Dowling, to rule against Dr.Jindal . The GMC has admitted that the panel were approached by the BBC’s Nicola Dowling.


The hearing was wrapped up in under 3 days but the judgment not done in 7 further days and then postpone to September 2022. The Twitter is in splits with the case.


Stay tuned for more.


BBC manager has threatened me with dire consequences and besides the email below, I have been receiving numerous phone calls of threats.

I have been covering the story of an Asian doctor, Dr.Prashant Jindal who has been targetted by a BBC team. I also wrote to the BBC CEO, with allegations and shared the articles ( ) that its unethical for reporters to be doing such stuff against doctors, for personal interests. Instead of taking Ms.Nicola Dowling to task, I have been receiving threats online and via phone calls. My Twitter account has been suspended due to the attack by BBC. It is also possible they harm me in many other ways and even take this website down but I request you to follow the truth and I request Asian doctors to stand up against the injustices.

We are very pained to learn the plight of things and I will continue to report the truth as long as I live. I don’t live life in fear. My main Twitter account was hacked, spammed, and taken off thinking but we will keep presenting the truth.





Here is my email to the CEO of BBC UK: 

My email to the BBC:
From: Sumeet Verma
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2022 at 12:34
Subject: FAO Mr. Tim Davie: Article on BBC’s racist & personal attacks on an Indian origin doctor
To: Tim Davie (CEO)
Cc: Nick Wilcox (Head of Legals)
Dear Mr. Davie
This is Sumit here, a Reporter from Press Trust of India, PTI. I have been working on a case involving an Indian doctor on which your colleague, Ms.Nicola Dowling has been working for a long time. I enclose the link to an article we have recently published in the Indian press although a fuller version will be published soon in the next few weeks. We have a plethora of further evidence in this regard.
Please confirm if you have authorized this operation of Ms. Dowling. The matter is very serious and all ethical, as well as legal rules regarding reporting, have been broken by your colleague Ms. Dowling. She has not contacted Accuvision even once or taken the version but seemingly doing things correctly for personal interests along with her partner, Ms. Sasha Rodoy who is a known extortionist, a detailed account of which we will be publishing as well soon. Ms.Dowling has deliberately provided wrongful information and been coaching patients to lie in the clinic and court, evidence of which will be made available soon.
Please see Ms.Dowling’s posts online regarding the doctor in which she has made numerous personal attacks including commenting on the color of his hair, the car he drives, the accent he speaks, and many other racist remarks, besides numerous personal attacks, showing personal vendetta and hatred and at every point. 
Links: redacted 
Ms. Rodoy has openly mentioned her partnership with Ms.Dowling. Both of them have personally approached the jury during and after the hearing to try and influence them to give a judgment against the doctor (documented and can be confirmed by you by simply asking Ms.Dowling) and police action is sought against them. This also amounts to an abuse of power for racial reasons, an abuse of the power that the media has given her. She is abusing it for her personal vendetta and hatred, besides making money from it as Ms.Rodoy (and Ms.Dowling) get a %age of the compensation in the case in claims court. Everything is recorded in the transcript as well as court documents, a copy of which are available with us under FOI in the public interest.
Also, Ms.Dowling has personally written to the GMC on behalf of the patients to launch this case against the doctor and not done her investigations and broken many protocols, which many believe are due to racism and her personal issues against the doctor and the clinic, which is owned by Asians.
I request you to kindly provide your stance and any comments on this, ideally before we publish further. I am also enclosing my id here along for your reassurance that this is being dealt with professionally and is at the highest level in the PTI. I am also sharing 2-3 documents from our bundle of them for your perusal before commenting.
I look forward to your reply soon.
Kindest regards
Sumeet Verma
Press Trust of India



Reply from BBC:

For the attention of Sumeet Verma: I write in response to your email addressed to Tim Davie.

The BBC is a public service broadcaster which supports accurate journalism which is in the public interest. As such, the organisation would never seek to limit anyone’s right to report upon matters freely, but we are concerned a number of the claims you have made are untrue and defamatory.

Journalists are entitled to attend Medical Practitioners Tribunal hearings and to report upon matters as considered editorially appropriate. As Nicola Dowling’s line manager, I am satisfied there is no substance to the allegations of wrongdoing you make against her. Please confirm the name of the editor from the Press Trust of India who commissioned the pieces you have sent to us and/or the name of your line manager at the organisation.

Yours sincerely

Clare Fordham

Senior News Editor, BBC News


This was followed by a barage of phone calls which are coming every day and some of my close friends approached too.