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Game, Set & Match, Dr Prashant Jindal: Hearing dismissed

17th September 2022: Manchester, UK   GMC’s appointed panel today was dismissed, admitting that they had been threatened to pursue the case and to implicate Dr Prashant Jindal. They admitted that they were under threat and hence were also biased sun-consciously. This was a historic admission that has never been done in the GMC in […]

Dr Prashant Jindal’s team expose vexatious allegations: GMC admits Jury approached & coerced in private

A gang of extortionists planted patients, coached them & brought fake cases to the General Medical Council & then approached jury members to give judgment against the top eye surgeon of the UK, Dr. Prashant Jindal Location: Manchester UK, June 2022. Minutes of the public hearing, attended in person by our Manchester correspondent: Dr. Prashant […]