Arnav Bathla: The Whiz kid

In a journey to know about latest developments in technology and to know about young entrepreneurs, I came across most tenacious GenZ founder and CEO of ‘Coinbooks’mr Arnav Bathla

Mr Arnav Bathla played a critical role  in developing infrastructure to automate crypto- accounting invoicing and payrolls for big enterprises dealing with digital assets.

Mr Arnav built the most extensive crypto accounting software for the companies which simplify digital asset accounting process with advanced integrations and customizable features.

More and more companies are choosing‘Coinbooks’ as go to platform to manage all their crypto accounting, crypto payroll and crypto invoicing needs.

Through Mr Arnav’s innovative idea of extensive crypto accounting software, companies with billions of transactions are being benefiting for supporting high volumes and time saved is 1-40 hrs/week (based on transaction volume)

These days Mr Arnav’s company Coinbooks is a leading financial infrastructure for crypto that is being used by many leading customers like Layer3, ThirdWeb, Pointer,Xero,Quickbooks, Sage,FreeAgent, clearbooks Media Center,myob to name few

Mr Arnav’s extraordinary ability of problem solving,technical talent, vision and most importantly his grit lead to this remarkable journey of entrepreneurship.

Mr Arnav is an individual of extraordinary ability who after building best crypto accounting software at age 21, successfully raised $3.2 million within span of 3 months with support from world class investors like Lattice Capital, Founders, Inc. Multicoin Capital and Polygon’s very own founders. Arnav’s company, Coinbooks was also accepted into Silicon Valley’s Y-Combinator program and participated in summer 2022 batch and funded by Y-Combinator.

Remarkable journey of Mr Arnav’s software creation n establishing ‘Coinbooks’ is of phenomenal value to save valuable asset ‘time’.

While already successful, he is continuing to add significant value to the product and is providing high level of service and professionalism to all the prestigious enterprises.

Factors such as resilience and energy are his timeless traits.










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  1. Chandan virdi
    Chandan virdi says:

    In a world where everyone choose easy way but you choose a different path. Your achievements is also a achievement for india. This is great for india that one indian Mr ARNAV is build this software.

  2. anica
    anica says:

    Mr arnav this is a Great achievement of hard work, excellent achievment .
    please give guidance to our young genration . Best of luck for your future

    MINAKSHI says:

    Great inspirational write up about our National Talent.
    Mr Arnav really is visionary who implemented his idea into creating through innovative mind.
    Such National talent should be recognized

  4. Naveen Goel
    Naveen Goel says:

    People like arnav are making the real change by providing the tools necessary for the global digital initiative. A proud moment for INDIA.

  5. Japnamay singh
    Japnamay singh says:

    That is an example of real motivation for the young kids who want to be different from the rest of the world and they succeeded with their hardwork.
    Keep it up Arnav

  6. Nikhar Mahajan
    Nikhar Mahajan says:

    Wonderful achievements at this tender age!! He is setting a great example for the youngsters! I am sure he would shine bright like a pole star in the future too! Wishing him greener pastures ahead! 👍👍👍👍

  7. Puja Aggarwal
    Puja Aggarwal says:

    Cambridge International School (Co-Ed), Jalandhar

    Well done on your great achievement and keep up the good work.

  8. Satpal Cambridge coed international school
    Satpal Cambridge coed international school says:

    Cambridge international school CoEd Jalandhar
    Well done, great achievement done

  9. Rakesh suri
    Rakesh suri says:

    Welcome Arnav. You have the potential to rise to sky hights. I wish you to be next Allon musk. God bless you always.

  10. Rakesh Suri
    Rakesh Suri says:

    Well done Arnav. I know you have the potential to rise to sky heights. I wish you to be the next Allan Musk and shine like a Star for India. Wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

  11. Anil kumar batta
    Anil kumar batta says:

    It is just the begining, I can see he will attain heights and bring a name and pride to our country – India, my best wishes and blessings


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