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Twist to the Sasha Rodoy-Sheraz Daya Story

It is no secret that Sasha Rodoy has been targeting a specific clinic in the UK, Accuvision, that is run by a group of Asians. What has now come to light is that she is actually funded by its key competitor, Dr Sheraz Daya, and the evidence of which will be posted here in a […]

Arnav Bathla: The Whiz kid

In a journey to know about latest developments in technology and to know about young entrepreneurs, I came across most tenacious GenZ founder and CEO of ‘Coinbooks’mr Arnav Bathla Mr Arnav Bathla played a critical role  in developing infrastructure to automate crypto- accounting invoicing and payrolls for big enterprises dealing with digital assets. Mr Arnav […]

Game, Set & Match, Dr Prashant Jindal: Hearing dismissed

17th September 2022: Manchester, UK   GMC’s appointed panel today was dismissed, admitting that they had been threatened to pursue the case and to implicate Dr Prashant Jindal. They admitted that they were under threat and hence were also biased sun-consciously. This was a historic admission that has never been done in the GMC in […]

GMC panel admits being threatened & biased by powerful litigants of the BBC: Asked to withdraw

16th September 2022: Manchester, UK The MPTS panel reconvened today after a 3 months break admitting that their minds have been biased and were advised by their legal assessor to candidly admit it to the public. They admitted in writing that they were threatened with dire consequences by the team of Ms.Nicola Dowling (of BBC) […]

World’s Youngest Eye surgeon at 8 years of age. Dr Prashant Jindal’s son breaks record

Medscape has reported that an eight-year-old boy, who is the son of a leading eye surgeon in UK, Dr Prashant Jindal, has become the youngest eye surgeon in the world. As per the report in Medscape, Dr.Jindal allowed his son in 2016 of doing his surgery, whilst he was away in Spain. Dr.Jindal’s son was […]

BBC manager threatens press reporter for supporting Indian Doctor

BBC manager has threatened me with dire consequences and besides the email below, I have been receiving numerous phone calls of threats. I have been covering the story of an Asian doctor, Dr.Prashant Jindal who has been targetted by a BBC team. I also wrote to the BBC CEO, with allegations and shared the articles […]

Dr Prashant Jindal’s team expose vexatious allegations: GMC admits Jury approached & coerced in private

A gang of extortionists planted patients, coached them & brought fake cases to the General Medical Council & then approached jury members to give judgment against the top eye surgeon of the UK, Dr. Prashant Jindal Location: Manchester UK, June 2022. Minutes of the public hearing, attended in person by our Manchester correspondent: Dr. Prashant […]

Top Indian Origin Surgeon Fights Extortionists Group in The UK

Public hearing attended in person by our Manchester correspondent: Dr. Prashant Jindal, respected as one of the best refractive eye surgeon in the UK, is responsible for many game-changing innovations in the field, treating the most complex of cases. He has also successfully treated numerous Hollywood celebrities, heads of state, peak performance athletes & Olympic […]

Major embarrassment for the GMC: Forced to withdraw decision

https://www.gponline.com/gmc-backs-reversal-gp-suspension-laptop-admits-tribunal-error/article/1791283 The GMC has admitted a medical tribunal was wrong to suspend a Manchester GP for a month over claiming she was promised a laptop and will not contest her appeal. A GMC spokesperson said: ‘Dr Arora has appealed the decision of the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS). Having considered the tribunal’s decisions and sought the […]

Operose Health UK compromising patients to save money

Finally, the BBC woke up to the article that I wrote and complained against Operose to the CCG, the local MP. The right twist also wrote to the Health Secretary, Sajid Javid on the 21st of September 2021 with full evidence about Operose Ophthalmology services in Worcester. We were not replied to despite numerous reminders […]

Bloodgate doctor Wendy Chapman avoids being struck off

• Ruling said Dr Chapman did not act in patient’s best interest • Fitness to practise not impaired despite actions, says GMC A doctor at the centre of the Harlequins “bloodgate” scandal was told today, at a hearing before the General Medical Council, that she could return to practising medicine. The panel ruled that Wendy Chapman’s fitness […]